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Reviewers Needed for Special Issue of TRAMES 2013

March 2013:

Reviewers Needed for Special Issue of TRAMES 2013

The Archimedes Foundation is recruiting experts in higher education to serve as peer reviewers for the conference collections of articles published in TRAMES (Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences).

In this special issue of TRAMES, we wish to provide key contributions presented at the conference “Higher education – higher level learning?” which was held in January 2013 in Tallinn and aimed to assemble cutting edge work on university teaching from across Baltic and Nordic countries. The conference organizers would like to encourage researchers in the field to please consider being an abstract and full manuscript reviewer for the conference collections of articles.

To be eligible, potential Reviewers must fulfill the following requirements:

• Reviewers must possess a doctoral level degree.

• Background and understanding of current methods in the field of humanities and social sciences.

• Ability to read and write scientific texts in English.

The identity of assigned reviewers is kept confidential from the manuscript authors.

If you are interested of being a reviewer in the abovementioned journal, please send an email to helen.joesaar@archimedes.ee that includes a letter of application with payment request and your resume or CV.

Applications are open until the 19th of April 2013. New extended deadline!

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration of being a reviewer in the aforementioned journal. More information will be provided upon request.

Helen Jõesaar
Guest-Managing Editor of Trames


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