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RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning)

Development of the recognition of prior learning

RPL is one of the development activities of the programme that improves access to higher education, the competitiveness of the graduates of higher education institutions and access to employment. RPL enables an educational institution to consider a person’s prior formal, non-formal and informal studies in the completion of a curriculum.

The goal of this field of activity is to improve the quality of RPL assessment and counselling, obtain reliable data about the conducted RPL assessments, and to improve awareness of RPL and its potential among various target groups.

Measures for attaining this goal:

  • establishing a network uniting partners and experts from specific fields that ope-rates as a forum, where all common needs are discussed, and priorities and specific improvements agreed upon;
  • collecting accurate and reliable statistics on RPL assessments and counselling;
  • agreeing upon common RPL principles and quality criteria;
  • developing various e-solutions, including electronic RPL application forms compati-ble with study information systems;
  • carrying out training sessions and seminars for RPL assessors and advisers, and compiling the necessary guidelines and information materials to improve the assessment and counselling quality;
  • organising the distribution of information about RPL among students, potential applicants and society in general.


Programme Primus has 21 partners, including 19 Estonian institutions of higher education. Check the complete list from here.

Primus' final event

The partners' thanksgiving and program's final event took place on March 6th 2014 in Tallinn.  See more info in Estonian.

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