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Completed projects

NB! The full list of (completed) researches is available on Estonian website.

Estonian as a language for research and higher education (2011-2012) 
Tallinn University/ Nemvalts, P.
English summary, Estonian materials


Sources of Pressure in University Academics (2009-2013)
Tallinn University of Technology/ Teichmann, M.
English summary, Estonian materials


Development Needs of Academic Estonian Teaching (2011-2012)
Tallinn University/ Metslang, H.
English summary, Estonian materials


The Educational Choices of Upper Secondary Graduates (2011)
PRAXIS/ Kirss, L.
English summary, Estonian report


EUROSTUDENT IV (2010-2011)
Estonian Ministry of Education and Research (Praxis)/ Kirss, L.
English summary, Estonian materials: Eesti üliõpilaste eluolu 2010, Tudengite toetusskeemid teistes riikides


The Phenomenon of Student Employment in Estonian Higher Education (2010-2011)
University of Tartu/ Jaakson, K.
English article, Estonian report


The Estonian 2009 Higher Education Graduate’s Research (2010-2011)
University of Tartu/ Eamets, R.
English summary, Estonian report


HINKA (Compliance of Assessments of Learning Outcomes) (2010)
The Academy of Security Sciences/ Pilli, E.
English summary, Estonian report


Research project: Intercultural Sensitivity as a Facilitator of Effective Adjustment in Multicultural Environment (2009-2011)
The Estonian National Defence College/ Must, A.
English summary, Estonian summary


The Characteristics of Estonian Student Body (2009-2010)
Federation of Estonian Student Unions/ Mägi, E., Kirss, L.
English summary, Estonian materials: summary and printed work


The Interdisciplinary Applied Educational Research and Databases in the Service of the Knowledge-based Higher Education Policy and Economy (2009)
Estonian Ministry of Education and Research (University of Tartu RAKE)/ Kasemets, A., Veski, L., Kroos, K.
English summary, Estonian summary, report, article


Programme Primus has 21 partners, including 19 Estonian institutions of higher education. Check the complete list from here.

Primus' final event

The partners' thanksgiving and program's final event took place on March 6th 2014 in Tallinn.  See more info in Estonian.

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