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Our cooperation partners are the Federation of Estonian Student Unions, the Estonian Information Technology Foundation and 20 Estonian institutions of higher education.

  • Estonian School of Hotel and Tourism Management EHTE

Coordinator: Tõnis Prangli study@ehte.ee

  • Information Technology Foundation for Education

Coordinator: Triin Pajur triin.pajur@hitsa.ee

  • The Estonian Information Technology College

Coordinator: Merle Varendi Merle.Varendi@itcollege.ee

  • Estonian Academy of Arts

Coordinator: Triin Krünberg triin.krunberg@artun.ee

  • Estonian Aviation Academy

Coordinator: Angela Jahhu angela.jahhu@eava.ee

  • Estonian University of Life Sciences

Coordinator: Aire Urbanovits aire.urbanovits@emu.ee

  • Estonian Maritime Academy

Coordinator: Anne-Ly Selgeveer annely.selgeveer@emara.ee

  • Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

Coordinator: Ene Kangron ene@ema.edu.ee

  • Federation of Estonian Student Unions

Coordinator: Allan Päll allan.pall@eyl.ee

  • Estonian Business School

Coordinator: Monika Siiraki monika.siiraki@ebs.ee

  • Estonian National Defence College

Coordinator: Nele Rand nele.rand@mil.ee

  • Lääne-Viru College

Coordinator: Eda Vahero eda@modriku.edu.ee

  • Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences

Coordinator: Kaire Kaljur kaire.kaljur@eek.ee

  • Academy of Security Sciences

Coordinator: Merle Tammela merle.tammela@sisekaitse.ee

  • TTK University of Applied Sciences

Coordinator: Anne Rooste annero@tktk.ee

  • Tallinn University of Technology (TUT)

Coordinator: Ija Stõun ija.stoun@ttu.ee

  • Tallinn Health Care College

Coordinator: Maria Goborova maria.goborova@ttk.ee

  • Tallinn University

Coordinator: Katri Lõugas lougas@tlu.ee

  • Tartu Art College 

Coordinator: Maire Arbus maire.arbus@artcol.ee

  • Tartu Health Care College

Coordinator: Maiken Jaanisk maikenjaanisk@nooruse.ee

  • Tartu University

Coordinator: Ines Kerikmäe ines.kerikmae@ut.ee


Programme Primus has 21 partners, including 19 Estonian institutions of higher education. Check the complete list from here.

Primus' final event

The partners' thanksgiving and program's final event took place on March 6th 2014 in Tallinn.  See more info in Estonian.

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Events and seminars

Programme Primus holds several conferences, seminars and trainings. Definitely check our calendar for the dates and details!